Blackout On Mars

Contemporary Soul/Singer-songwriter / 2022

Blackout On Mars (B.O.M.) 是製作人 Justin Leung 的個人音樂計畫。作為 Neo-Soul、Folk 、和 Alt-Rock 的愛好者,Blackout On Mars 的每一首歌都是一個新實驗。他的歌從都市生活取靈感,在現實和虛構之間反思人與城市的關係。

Blackout On Mars (B.O.M.) is the solo music project of Hong Kong producer, Justin Leung, An aficionado of Neo-Soul, Folk and Alt-Rock with an experimental attitude. His songs draw inspiration from metropolitan life constantly weaving between fiction and reality.

Blackout On Mars debuted with the ambient-folk EP “Blackout On Mars” in 2022. Strongly driven by a dark atmosphere with floating acoustic guitars, he sings about brief fragments of city life in a surreal fashion. “Blackout On Mars” is followed shortly by the acoustic EP “Searching In Isolation” released in the same year. Recorded in a bathroom of a quarantine hotel, it is a seven day experiment to express the innermost feelings in an unfamiliar place.

In 2023, Blackout On Mars released the first full length album “Work Of Fiction”. Inspired by Soul grooves but not afraid to venture into Folk and Alternative Rock, it is a development on the themes of the previous EPs. “Work Of Fiction” is filled with different characters with unique stories from daily life. “Just Wait A Minute” captures moments of existential dread while a person wakes from sleep, while in the collaborative single with Peace Lo, “I’ve Been Waiting For So Long” a person muses their insignificant loneliness in the vastness of the megacity. “Paratoxic” is a person’s spontaneous thoughts about human evolution while eating at a fast food joint, followed by an excursion in human cruelty in “I Wish”. The album closes with the acoustic song “We Will Find a Way Everytime”, a person’s experience of their friend’s near death, inspired by the novels Goodbye Tsugumi, and Norwegian Wood. Culminating with the last track “The Last Page”, a duet with Steven Lai, singing about a spirit’s thoughts as they look upon their own gravestone. In 2023 Blackout On Mars also produced two animated MVs: a 360 interactive MV for “Film Rolls In My Closet”, and a digital collage inspired MV for “I’ve Been Waiting For So Long”.

In 2024, Blackout On Mars released the single “Never Be Awake”, an introspective Jazz-rock song about love and delusion. The protagonist struggles to keep her thoughts in line, solitary conversations morph into illusions about herself and slowly consume her from the inside. “Never Be Awake” features Baobao @uchu_yurei on Drums, and Matt @tes.band on Flute. It is the first instalment in a series of songs exploring modern love.

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