Synth-pop, Indie-pop, Chillwave / 2021
Member list:

Vocal - Wing
Guitar - Billy
Drums - TszChing

COPAK於2018年成立,在2021年重組期間轉型新風格,2023年初組成現時陣容。現樂隊風格為Indie pop, synth pop為主,由主音Wing、結他手Billy、鼓手TszChing組成,於2021至2022間年頭分別推出單曲”Floored”及“247”,以及在2022年10月推出首張專輯”FM 74.2”。於2023年,嘗試採用90s hip hop 及boom bap風格,並加入Rap元素,與Luna Is A Bep合作推出第一首單曲”A380”

COPAK formed in 2018, restarted with new genres during the reformation in 2021, had their latest line-up in 2023. It’s a indie pop, synth pop band, consists of Wing(vocals), Billy(guitar), Tszching(drummer). They have released two singles “Floored”, “247” from 2021 to 2022 and their first EP “FM 74.2” on October 2022. The latest single “A380” featuring with Luna Is A Bep, it has the 90s hip hop and boom bap vibe, first time of the band trying to put some rapping elements into their songs.

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