Cozy Syndrome

Pop Rock, J-Rock / 2020
Member list:

Vocal - Asana
Guitar - Forky & Gillian
Bass Guitar - Sherry
Drums - Noel




Cozy Syndrome作品包含豐富的日系元素,其中亦分別有以日語、英語及廣東 話編寫的原創作品,代表着成員們各受Silent Siren、SCANDAL、BANDMAID 、Aldious、L’Arc~en~Ciel、Paramore、Tonight Alive等不同樂隊的音樂所影響,Cozy Syndrome作品包含豐富的日系與外國元素。隨着新成員的加入,為編曲過程中添加全新的創作靈感,豐富了樂隊整體的音樂風格。


“Surrounds, emerges, embarks from your Cozy Syndrome”

Through dynamic rhythms and melody, and with influence on Japanese culture, the band tries to go beyond the Cantonese context to evoke emotion with the connection to their music, life experience, as well as comfort zone. With opposite nature, the terms ‘Cozy’ and ‘Syndrome’ act as the band is inspiration to deliver soft yet powerful music depicting on how to come across depression, uncertainty in the city.

Cozy Syndrome’s works contain rich Japanese elements. Fundamentally influenced by Silent Siren, SCANDAL, BAND-MAID, Aldious, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Para-more and Tonight Alive, Cozy Syndrome embarks their new ways of music interpretation with the engagement of new member Gillian, enriching their overall creating process.

Written in Cantonese, English and Japanese, Cozy Syndrome’s works represent their admirations on various music genres, and idiosyncratic perspectives towards their surroundings.

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Cozy Syndrome @Ear Up Showcase 2021
Cozy Syndrome @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKSYU

Band a Loid Performance 2020
Y-Concept Stage 102 @June 2021
Transcendence Music Live 2021 @Music Zone
「之所以我們在水底里歇斯」CD RELEASE PARTY @ The Pulse

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