hirsk(又名Khris Nung)是一位香港土生土長的製作人及現場電子音樂人,畢業於美國伯克利音樂學院,主修電子音樂製作及聲音設計。2017年被選中為德國柏林Pop Kulture藝術節的音樂單位次一。2018年於香港「搶耳音樂廠牌計劃」展示其獨特、怪異及富有想像空間的聲音,並被獲邀遠赴慕尼黑參與Franeworks Festival演出。回港後積極與不同類型音樂人合作,包括Kiri T、王嘉儀、Gin Lee、莎妮妮、周耀輝、CYLeo等。近年Hirsk聯結曾在美國深造爵士的鼓手Blue Kwok及鋼琴手Daniel Chu組成manvsmachine,探索電子音樂與爵士樂的無限可能性。

hirsk (aka Krhis Nung), a producer and live electronic musician born and raised in Hong Kong, graduated from the Electronic Production and Design program at Berklee College of Music. By creating music filled with unique and inspiring soundscapes, hirsk was invited to participate at the 2017 Pop Kultur Festival in Berlin, Ear Up Incubation in 2018 and Hong Kong and Frameworks Festival 2019 in Munich. He is a songwriter trying to tell stories and express emotions through sounds. Since returning to Hong Kong, hirsk has been actively collaborating with a diverse range of artists including Krir T, Sophy, Serrini, Gin Lee, Chow Yiu Fai, CY Leo, etc. Currently, hirsk performs with jazz instrumentalists Blue Kwok (drummer) and Danial Chu (pianist), exploring the possibilities between electronic and jazz music.

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