Jason Kui

Rock, Prog Metal, Funk, Ballad, Instrumental / 2017


Jason於2017年2月,推出首張個人結他音樂大碟《Absence of Words》,曲風糅合流行搖滾、金屬、藍調、Funk、民謠於一體,充分演繹其高超的音樂造詣。


在2020初,Jason和Prosthetic Records發佈了第二張結他專輯,《NAKA》,Jason和他的合作夥伴更為了該專輯到中國北京錄製管弦樂。第一單曲《Pixel Invasion》十分受歡迎,更邀得英國速彈大師Andy James客串。《NAKA》是一張十分多樣化的專輯,很多國際級大師客串,如Andy Timmons和Tom Quayle。

JASON KUI, a Hong Kong-based rock and blues musician and composer, to its roster. Jason is a session and touring guitarist who has worked with many well-known artists throughout Hong Kong and China. Jason’s debut album, ‘Absence of Words’, features diverse sounds – modern metal, hard rock, funk and ballad – while integrating rock lead techniques and compelling melodies throughout.

Jason started his career as a sideman at the age of 23, and has played countless shows at the Coliseum, Hong Kong’s largest venue that seats 12,500. He recently finished a two-year world tour as the lead guitarist for Eason Chan, the legendary Hong Kong singer.

in February 2020, Jason and Prosthetic Records released his second album, ‘NAKA’. It is a super diverse guitar album that includes so many styles. Jason and his team even went to Beijing, China to record the orchestra. The first single of ‘NAKA’, ‘Pixel Invasion’ was super successful, it features an English shredding guitar virtuoso, Andy James. On the album, it also features many international guitar virtuosos, for example, Andy Timmons and Tom Quayle.

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Jason Kui @Ear Up Music Festival 2019
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Yamaha Best Guitarist 2005
Santana Guitar Competition 2010 Champion
Absence of Words Debut Concert 2017
Artist of JTC
Artist of Anderson Guitarworks
Artist of Mesa Boogie
Artist of Dunlop USA
Artist of Prosthetic Records USA

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