Karmen Cheung

‘Kaona’ Karmen Cheung Yuen Tung is a fearless explorer of life, unabashedly questioning universal values of truth, oneness, commitment, peace and love. Her musical performances and inspiring message are spine-tingling, life-enhancing and memorably poignant.

At 18, she debuted as an independent solo singer. Having performed for audiences in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Tokyo, Macau and Seoul; from supporting guest artist for Angie Hart from Frente! in 2010 to international music festivals, Karmen is a mature performer beyond her years who sings from her heart, true to her spirit and is passionate about creating a new industry sector supporting independent artists with a meaningful message.

A multi-versatile artist and an insatiable learner, she is proud to be part of a new lifestyle paradigm, a new way of being, co-creating and the respectful advancement of humankind, which became her idea of making music.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ by Gandhi and ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ by Socrates, are the two life truths that Kaona lives by every moment.

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