Lester Lam

Pop / R&B

馬來西亞出生的香港本地Indie-pop唱作歌手Lester Lam,以流行音樂為基底,歌唱 與創作中亦融入R&B及Indie元素。榮獲2019 ICMA大專聯校歌唱比賽冠軍後,Lester於2020年推出首張EP《Unwithered Blue》將自己幾年來獨自在外地生活所經歷的情感寫入五首撫慰心靈的歌中;其中的標誌色「藍」不僅代表唱作人自己(「藍」為他的中文姓氏),更是伴隨他一路成長的情緒。EP先後發行《Out of This World》、《Realize》、《The Edge of Blue》、《Battles》與《Hiding Place》講述了每個人成長過程中必定感受到的憂鬱與不安,希望可以從歌聲中獲得共鳴與安慰。

Lester Lam is a singer-songwriter from Malaysia, based in Hong Kong. A new journey embarks after winning the ICMA Singing Competition in 2019. The mixture of influences from Pop, R&B and Indie music has built the foundation for his raw and personal story telling, which is reflected in his debut EP “Unwithered Blue”. The colour blue not only represents himself (his Chinese surname), but also his emotions that he has grew up with living in a foreign country. The project consists of five brutally honest conversations with his deepest emotions, including his pre-released singles "Out of This World”, “Realize”, “The Edge of Blue” and two other tracks “Battles” and “Hiding Place”.

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出生於馬來西亞的Lester Lam,他的姓氏Lam是「藍」而不是「林」;藍也是他的標誌色,所聽到不盡然是憂鬱的藍,也是豁然舒泰的天空藍,一種Lester的暖藍。他的soulful/R&B風歌曲,總是如斯的溫婉柔揚,好chill好治癒。;

近年大家如水,只是情愛也像水一般,關不住、留不低。Lester Lam的〈Fluid Love〉慢慢點出,到底我們是如水還是愚笨,也只差一線。

‘Fluid Love (feat. Daniel Toh)’ in “EUM001 - ups and downs”
Lester Lam @Ear Up Showcase 2021

Selected Show Profile:
2020.01 / Bike to LauBak @ LauBak Livehouse
2020.11 / Bounce (The Ground) @ AIA Vitality Park
2020.12 / musiK11 A Dreamy Musical Journey
2020.12 / White Christmas Express (Swire Properties)
2021.01 / Wowandflutter Live @ Home
2021.03 / Saturday Music At Laundry Steps @ TaiKwun
2021.06 / VibeRecorder EP1 @ Room.10F

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