per se

Member list

Vocal/ Acoustic Guitar - Stephen Mok

Vocal/ Keyboard - Sandy Ip

詩式流行二人組合per se由Stephen Mok與Sandy Ip組成。 per se一詞在拉丁文中解釋為「根本、內在的」,是他們創作音樂的態度:「透過聲音、文字、影像讓原創音樂自我解釋。」


per se is a music duo composed of music talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. per se means ‘intrinsic’ or ‘in itself’, which reflects our music being just music without limitations and burdens of genre or style.

They started by releasing their debut EP in 2013 and have since released several digital singles as well as a concept mini-album revolving around the puzzles of life titled ‘Conundrum’ in 2016.

More recently, they released two Cantonese songs and are in preparation of their new project ‘ENDS’.

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

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