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Vocal/ Composer/ Producer - 迪子 TikChi


從高中加入樂隊後,便開始寫歌;畢業後,進修了一年Fine Art。



在這段黑暗的時期和整個治療的過程中,我得了情緒病。期間發生的故事啟發了2018年發行的第二張個人專輯《amor fati》。2019年,新專輯《amor fati》結合緊縛藝術,進行了一個亞洲巡迴演唱會(香港、東京、漢城、台北和曼谷)。

Hong Kong singer-songwriter. Loves cult culture.

Joined a rock band and started writing my own songs back in high school, and once graduated I ignored all the discouragement my family gave me and went on to study Fine Art for a year.

A record label discovered and signed me after a few years, after a while it felt like the best way for me to express myself through my music was for me to manage it myself, so I left the record label and became an indie artist.

In the end of 2017, I got a serious accident and I disfigured and broke my teeth.

During the darkest period, I got depression and put my stories in the released album ‘amor fati’ in 2018.

After that, I made the Asia tour with the shibarti art (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei and Bangkok) in 2019 with my new album ‘amor fati’.

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over 1.7M hit rates for my song '一蓮托生 Fading away to after life'

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