Cosmic Pop

XTIE 為香港新生代創作女聲及音樂製作人,自創 “Cosmic Pop” 的曲風製作漸漸得到口碑,充滿積極和魅力的創作,更讓海內外許多媒體、電台及音樂祭皆對她有高度的關注與邀約。2023年中參與 Grammy Awards(葛萊美獎)節目 Press Play 上的演出,並獲媒體Rolling Stone Korea、Billboard PH 、MTV Asia、BBC Radio、NOTION等支持。2022年多首單曲亦曾打入本地及台灣的國際流行榜等三甲位置。推出首張專輯《APOLLO-23》後走訪英國、加拿大、韓國、菲律賓、新加波、台灣等地的巡演。XTIE輕盈堅韌及具穿透力的獨特唱腔,以音樂宣揚自愛、擁抱作為新世代的不完美。

XTIE is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Aptly describing her music as “cosmic pop”, the Hong Kong born producer-singer weaves shimmery yet sophisticated pop beats with candid stories, particularly on self-love, body positivity, mental health and the beauty of imperfections with a fresh angle. Recently made her debut at the Recording Academy "GRAMMYS" Press Play Series, joining other Asian acts such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, Henry Lau, thuy, etc.

In June 2023, she released her debut album project APOLLO-23, where she wrote and produced entirely by herself, showing her ability to create sparkling organic beats, sweeping melodies with vocal chops, mellow chilled-out vibes, and euphoric dance-floor moments. She has garnered support from international acclaimed media. Her works have charted and peaked at No.1 across radio stations in Hong Kong and Taiwan and accumulated over 1M streams.

After selling out her first headline show in Hong Kong, she embarked on tours in the United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan.

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Press Quotes

"Not only gifted with warm jazz-tinged vocals, she also writes, arranges, produces, and performs her songs that are shimmering." —MTV Asia

"...crafting sugar-sweet, dream-pop beats layered with razor-sharp lyricism and her attention-grabbing vocals." —NOTION

"With honest, candid, and sometimes humorous lyrics, her vocal texture was a big factor." —SCOUT

"XTIE’s exciting pop sound is taking her global.” —FLEX

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