• 大地會員:無限制,免費註冊即可成為大地會員
  • 月亮會員:捐款100港幣或以上即可成為月亮會員。捐助的款項將全數用於支持本地獨立創作人,不會用於行政費用。



  1. 會員通訊、藝文新知
  2. 免費活動優先登記
  3. 享用全新「搶耳音樂」網站限定內容


  1. 收費活動專享折扣
  2. 周邊商品享折扣
  3. 季度內部藝文聚會,如創作人面談、新作賞析會等



RFHK Membership System

【Application Form - Earth Member】
【Application Form - Moon Member】

In order to expand the audience of artistic works and connect creators’ communities, Renaissance Foundation reestablishes its membership system, and takes the new website of Ear Up Music, earupmusic.com, as a platform to provide information and services as well as to facilitate exchange and cooperation among members. Upon registration, you will automatically own an account at earupmusic.com to enjoy our services.

Entry Requirements

  • Earth Membership: Register for free, no requirements needed.
  • Moon Membership: Donate HK$100 or more to become a Moon Member. The donation will be used to support local creators instead of administration.


Earth Members enjoy:

  1. Newsletter and updates
  2. Priority registration of free events
  3. Enjoy restricted contents on earupmusic.com

Besides those for the Earth Members, Moon Members enjoy:

  1. Discounts on events with charge
  2. Discounts on merchandises
  3. Quarterly internal art-and-culture meetings, such as Meet-the-Creators and new work releases

【Upgrade Form】【Terms and Conditions】

Should you need to update your membership profile, please send your request to membership@rfhk.org.hk, we will take care of it as soon as possible.


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