Cow Head

Acoustic Instrumental / 2014

Cow Head是在2014年成立的香港樂隊,作品融合不同風格、用音樂化作文字。用純音樂來創作和展示是希望讓聽眾可以跳出歌詞的框框來欣賞、感受音樂。沒有主唱的原因,是因為我們覺得每一位聽眾就是主唱,透過演奏我們的音樂,經過大家的感覺、回憶在大家心中唱出。

Cow Head is a HK band founded in early summer in 2014, performing songs in acoustic instrumental style. Cow Head’s music integrates different styles, such as rock, pop, funk etc. Cow Head aims at giving a way for audience to enjoy music without lyrics and thus create their own stories.

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