夏逸緯 Dipsy Ha

Electronic Pop / 1989

夏逸緯(Dipsy Ha),作曲人,擅長編曲、電子音樂及小號。Dipsy畢業於香港演藝學院作曲系,是樂隊 SoundTube 核心成員。他曾贏得多個作曲比賽的獎項,包括分別以《海洋殺戮》及《半圖》奪得「海記號作曲」比賽冠軍、「零企音樂曲比賽冠軍」,及以《灣仔幽靈》奪得文藝復興基金會主辦之「潑墨泡樂——他們在島嶼寫作II歌曲徵集」優異獎。曾為歌手莫旭秋及林二汶編曲的他,於二零一九年為林二汶編曲的作品《守破離》取得不俗的成績。

Dipsy Ha is a music composer and trumpet player, skilled in music arranging, is also a core member of the band SoundTube. Dipsy now teaches music at Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School . He has gained song composing awards from various associations such as Renaissance Foundation, Hoi Kee Ho (Champion), HK we care (Second Runner-up), and PBZ Music (Champion). Dipsy has worked with artists including Joe Mok, Eman Lam, Alex Fung, Hacken Lee, Ivana Wong, Hins Cheung, Jan Lamb, Yu Yat-yiu, Dr. Lee Ka Yan, and Wai Yin. He also cooperates with other professional parties and artists. Dipsy took part in performances such as modern dance The Anatomy of Broken Things and Creative Sand Art Concert–The Spirit of Birds, movies including Speak Low (2017), Do I Remember You (2016), and Zero Acceleration (2015), working on movie music.

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