dorothy 劉君冬

Alternative R&B, Pop, Hyperpop / 2022

dorothy 劉君冬的作品以創傷及倔強而叛逆的人生哲理為題,選擇相信「就抱緊偏激最尾仍然能成風」。她融合廣東歌及 alternative R&B 風格,以簡單的旋律、melody rap 及豐富的合成樂器編曲創造充滿視覺幻想的音樂。dorothy 曾在澳洲修讀爵士鼓及藝術,她嘗試把藝術概念融入音樂創作,讓筆下每首歌的音頻與視覺都被呈現為一體。回港五年間,dorothy 從事導演、美術指導及造型工作,曾參與超過50個與廣東歌相關的影像創作。她在 2022 年以獨立歌手身分推出《綠野仙蹤》。

dorothy 劉君冬 explores the themes of vulnerability and social identity with a stubborn, rebellious and unapologetic attitude by merging the genres of canto-pop and alternative R&B. Influenced by her background in Fine Art and her works as a music video Director, Art Director and Stylist, her songs paint an imaginative visual adventure by pairing a catchy hook line with a layered synth arrangement. dorothy completed an ATCL diploma in drums when she was 16. With a strong rhythmic sensibility, she enjoys incorporating melodic rap in her canto-pop songs. dorothy embarked her journey as an independent singer-songwriter in 2022 with her debut single Back from Oz.

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