Synth-pop, Indie rock
Member list:

NEL Y. - Vocalist, Keyboardist

ERNEST C. - Guitarist, Bassist

Bill - Drummer




Emmahotel's music style is deeply influenced by urban life and reflects the various emotions and contradiction that modern people face in their fast-paced lives. Their music has a lonely and melancholic atmosphere, which is a response and expression of the alienation between people in modern society.

The band consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Nel, guitarist and bassist Ernest, and drummer Bill. Their music combines various styles, including rock, pop, electronic and experimental music, creating a unique sound.

At the same time, Emmahotel hopes that vocals can become one of the media to deliver the sound, blending into the songs and resonating with other instruments. Their music is not just a representation of a single style, but a diverse form of music that allows listeners to fully experience all sounds.

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