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Vocal - Alison
Guitar - Coco & Iris
Bass Guitar - Amy
Keyboard - Kelly
Drums - Sophia

FIESTER 是一隊香港的女子樂隊,由主音Alison、結他手Coco、結他手Iris、低音結他手Amy、鍵琴手Kelly和鼓手Sophia組成。音樂風格偏向電子核和金屬核,創作靈感源自女生的角度,平常生活的大小事為主。「FIESTER」的名字來源,是西班牙語“FIESTA”(即嘉年華的意思),希望聽眾如置身於嘉年華的狂熱中,忘卻煩憂,亦在狂歡過後找到新的方向;因此她們的作品揉合了重型金屬、電子元素的廣東歌,絕對帶給樂迷一種繽紛、型格的感覺。

FIESTER, a girl band based in Hong Kong, is formed by Alison the vocalist, Coco and Iris the guitarists, Amy the bassist, Kelly the keyboardist and Sophia the Drummer. Focusing on Electronicore and Metal Core as the music style, their inspiration came from everything surrounding them in daily life, from their girls’ perspective. “FIESTER” came from the Spanish word “Fiesta”, meaning the carnival. From their music, they do hope their audiences could find themselves in the festive vibe of carnivals, to leave their stress behind, and find a new way out; therefore they composed the heavy-metal and electronic elements into their Cantonpop work, offering audiences a fancy and cool vibe when enjoying their songs.

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‘發洩’ in “EUM001 - upsa and downs”


懷疑完人生,不滿也好、不安也罷,可以點做?李白說:「人生在世不稱意,#明朝散髮弄扁舟。」FIESTER就用〈發洩〉一曲來提醒大家 生活的不同可能性:「不只得一種吶喊與叫號!」人生,最重要有自由自主的選擇。

FIESTER @Ear Up Showcase 2021
FIESTER @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / CUHK

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