Nervous System

Member list:

Vocal - 小神經
Guitar - Sunny Left 阿左
Bass Guitar - Dicky Yip
Piano - Timothy Cheung
Drums - Lok


人們常常問我們是甚麼類型的樂隊,要求我們用一個term去定義自己。其實我們很難去定義自己是什麼風格。因為我們受很多不同的音樂風格所影響,例如R&B、Soul、Jazz、Funk、Country music等等。所以觀眾在聽我們的歌的時候,很有可能會認為一首歌跟一首歌的風格完全不同,是很正常的。我們也不喜歡别人對音樂的既定印象。為甚麼世人要用一個單詞去概括充滿無限可能性的樂隊?我們可是有血有肉的人啊!最重要的應該是我們能否在音樂裏寄放我們的情感及訊息。

Little Nerve (vocal) and Tim (keyboard) met each other in a music jamming session in 2020. The common of music taste made them connected at the moment. They started to work on music work together and create our own songs. Luckily we had invited to a live music session that led them to the 3 other band members, which are Dicky (bass), Sunny Left (guitar) and Dickson Kui (drums). And that’s how Nervous System was formed.

It is hard to define our style in one single word since we were influenced by a lot of different music styles, such as R&B, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Country music, etc. So you might find the genre of one of our singles is totally different with the another one. We also do not prefer stereotypes. It's not necessary to classify music by genres. We play what we like, what we want to express and create the message we want to connect with audience.

So if people really want to classify us, we will only define ourselves as "Feel Free Indie Band".

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由女主唱Little Nerve與一眾男生樂手組成的Nervous System,這個「神經系統」的音樂並不神經質。樂隊帶着jazz-pop、soul、funk以至pop punk薰陶的歌曲少女情懷的演繹,都是來得多麼明麗曼妙。

‘Summer Bicycle’ in “EUM001 - ups and downs”


那一個夏天,我們在單車上越過一切,越過一切群眾、思慮、烽煙。越過一切之後,才發現一切尚留在心底。神經系統的〈Summer Bicycle〉,帶來難離難捨之後的那份豁然開朗。

Nervous System @Ear Up Showcase 2021
Nervous System @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKUST

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