Future Diary 未來日記

Urban, R&B, Pop / 2023

香港獨立音樂廠牌未來日記FUTURE DIARY 2023年成立,由成員JAMIEZRVA 製作以POP R&BSOUL R&B URBAN 等音樂元素為主軸的作品,作品主題圍繞着成長、自身關係與都市人的孤寂,在抒發鬱悶與生活情愁之間留一點點陪伴,邀請樂迷好好擁抱彼此、記錄自己,然後將日記裏的願望都一一寫成現實,"MAKE FUTURE PRESENT"

Founded in 2023, 未來日記Future Diary is an independent music label based in Hong Kong. The label is helmed by artists JAMIEZ and RVA, who specialize in crafting soulful and introspective pop, R&B, and urban music. Their works revolve around themes of personal growth, relationships, and the loneliness of city life. With their music, JAMIEZ and RVA seek to provide solace to their listeners, inviting them to embrace each other, record their lives, and make their diary entries a reality, "Make Future Present".

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