Kowloon K

Jazz Pop / 2019
Member list:

Vocal - Charlie Chan
Guitar/ Backing Vocal - Justin
Bass Guitar - Ho
Keyboard - 水金
Drums - David

Kowloon K成立於2019年,本身是一隊無名字的樂隊,但卻因為一次偶然的演出機會需要改名,絞盡腦汁後便決定取廣東話近音「求其」作名,意即隨意、即興。

喜歡隨意和即興的5位Kowloon K成員都不喜歡被曲風所限制,他們都鍾愛於創作帶有樂器即興元素的歌曲,目前正在揉合City-pop和爵士樂,不斷地實驗新的可能性。
他們曾獲邀參與野豬音樂節(AIA Vitality Park)、Project After 6、AM1044 Metro Plus電台、Respiration-The Feast(西九文化區)等演出,於2021年七月他們亦完成了與三隊本地樂隊合辦的音樂會。

Indie band “Kowloon K” is formed in 2019, and was originally a nameless group. But due to an unexpected gig the group needed a name, and they decided to base the name on the cantonese word 「求 其」(pronounced “kaau kay”) which stands for “whatever”, or “spontaneously”.

The Five members of Kowloon K do not like to be constrained by boundaries of music genres, and love to incorporate improvisational elements into their music. So far the group has explored sounds reminiscent of City-pop and Jazz-Funk, and will continue to further experiment with the possibilities of modern indie pop.

They have been invited to perform at multiple venues, including the Wild Pig Music Festival, Project After 6, AM1044 Metro Plus Radio, Respiration-The Feast (West Kowloon Cultural District), etc, and have completed their jointly organised local band concert in July.

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富幽默感的樂隊名字,Kowloon K的音樂來得隨心所欲但卻絕不「求其」。陽光燦爛的女主唱,演繹出他們美好的city-pop/jazz-funk/sophisti-pop歌曲,勾勒出大都會的色彩繽紛光景,即使是憂傷的題材也能帶給大家治癒的作用。


完結一日的辛勞,慵懶地打開電視,咦,明天就世界末日嗎?Kowloon K的〈明天世界或到末日〉跟你一起以最真誠磊落的自己,笑一笑,面對一切跌宕。

‘明天世界或到末日’ in “EUM001 - ups and downs”
Kowloon K @Ear Up Showcase 2021
Kowloon K @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKUST

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