Hip Hop, Soul, Beat Music
Member list:

Vocal - Ojay
Guitar - Indy Au & King Sin
Bass Guitar - Anson Tam
Keyboard - Sailo
Drums - Elliott Tam

RAM = Random Accessible Music


RAM成立於2021年中,成員分別來自不同樂隊,包括Clave、Plural、VIRT、Noisy Charlie。成員包括主音OJ、鍵盤琴手Hugo、結他手King、結他手Indy、低音結他手Sailo、鼓手Goo。RAM初期以Hip Hop為主要音樂風格,期後亦將funk、rock、neo soul、fusion等音樂風格元素加入創作中,希望與「Clave」一樣,能創作出不同風格的音樂,亦以各種不同的聲音呈現成員們理想中的律動。RAM擁有豐富的演出經驗(啲隊員自己),於香港、九龍及新界都獲得演出邀請(人哋Band房);且每次的現場演繹都有特別或即興編排,務求讓觀眾能一次又一次,享受RAM帶來的獨一無二的音樂體驗。RAM YOU VERY MUCH。

RAM = Random Accessible Music

RAM is a band originating from Kwun Tong jazz, rock, hip-hop, soul music, funk (yea, basically everything), and its members are often seen in various music performances (especially Ear Up). This kind of crazy **** can appear in different types of music and blend into the music with different looks.

RAM was established in mid-2021. The members are originated from different bands, for example Clave, Plural, VIRT, Noisy Charlie. OJ as vocalist, Hugo on keys, guitarist King, guitarist Indy, bass guitarist Sailo, and drummer Goo. At the forming of the band, Hip Hop was the main music style. Later on, they also added funk, rock, neo soul, fusion and other music style elements to its creation. They hope to be like their idol "Clave", a band that create different styles of music. It also presents the ideal rhythm of the members with a variety of different sounds. RAM has a lot of performance experience (the team members themselves lol), and has been invited to perform in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories (others’ Band Room you mean….); and each live performance has a special or impromptu arrangement, so that the audience can be time and time again. Please enjoy the unique music experience brought by RAM. (Whole bunch of RAM sh** basically) RAM YOU VERY MUCH.

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主唱/饒舌OJ,夥拍來自Clave、Plural、VIRT、Noisy Charlie等等獨立樂隊的成員,組成RAM(Random Accessible Music)這隊超級組合,將soul、funk、hip hop、jazz fusion、alternative rock構成他們既emo又sexy的觀塘系樂團聲音。

‘Creator’ in “EUM001 - ups and downs”

「Don’t look away don’t look away/Don’t let the faces fade away/We’ve been searchin’」

懷疑人生,宇宙幽靈尋找英雄身影;但RAM卻懷疑到問自己:點解喺即將淪陷之地問住一切無聊問題?這一切為何存在、為何發生?如果我的人生必然經歷不幸,那全知全能的神又在哪裏?這類存在主義危機古往今來皆有之,從高更〈D'où venons-nous ? Que sommes-nous ? Où allons-nous ?〉到《EVANGELION 新世紀福音戰士》,一脈相承來到〈Creator〉入面,也許能為你吐出一口烏氣,繼續詰問這個荒謬的世界。

RAM @Ear Up Showcase 2021
RAM @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKSYU

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