Mocking Bullet

ROCK / 2014
Member list:

Lead Guitar - 艾力
Bass Guitar - 老莫
Drums - 蛇王


在簡單直接的旋律中, 我們嘗試滲入糜風 (Grunge)、民謠 (Folk)、輕迷幻(Psychedelic),甚至藍調搖擺(Rockabilly) 等多種曲風。


Founded by Eric (Guitar), Jeffrey (Bass) & Dave (Drum), the Mocking Bullet had their sound evolving throughout the years. There is a taste of British pop rock with a touch of the vintage Hong Kong’s 60s and 70s pop-rock in their songs.

The addictive and straightforward pop melody is catchy, yet the elements of grunge, folk, psychedelic and even rockabilly are laid in their music arrangement subtly, which makes their compositions fresh and playful.

The funny but reflective Cantonese lyrics which deeply illustrates the frustrations and stress of the city lives will make you smile, and their hilarious descriptions on matters that were so close to our daily lives will make you feel home.

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