Prune Deer

Instrumental Rock / 2013
Member list:

Guitar - 自然 NatureHin & 城鋒 S.F.Tang
Bass Guitar - 嘉豪 Jimmy Ling
Drums - 坤城 Kwan Shing


分別於2015、2018及2019年推出專輯《實心透明》、《化學》及《郵資不足》。活躍於中日港台等亞洲地區,曾參演大型音樂節如wow and flutter、Clockenflap、Wake Up Festival和巨獸搖滾。


Prune Deer was formed in 2013, music style altered to Instrumental Rock after the drop out of vocalist.

With the release of albums ‘solid Transparency’ (2015), ‘Chemistry’ (2018) and ‘Insufficient Postage’ (2019), Prune Deer has gained increasing popularity through performances in Asian districts including Hong Kong, China, Japan and Taiwan. Also making a constant presence in various music festivals such as Clockenflap, wow and flutter, Corona Sunset Festival, Wake Up Festival and BeastieRock.

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