Nowhere Boys

Cinematic Rock / 2015
Member list:

Vocal - Van
Guitar - Ken
Bass Guitar - Hansun
Keyboard/ Violin - Fisher
Drums - Nate

香港Frenzi Music及寰亞唱片旗下樂隊。五個性格、音樂背景及風格截然不同的人,融合各人所長的音樂領域,拼湊出瘋狂嶄新「電影式」搖滾曲風。出道三年多,足跡已踏遍香港各音樂場地,包括大型活動如Wow And Flutter The Weekend、自由約等,亦在東莞、廣州等中國城市巡演。電台上榜作品包括《天外飛仙》、《地心吸力》、《致旅途中的我》及《That's Why》等。

Formed in 2015, Nowhere Boys is a group of independent musicians collaborating with each other in search of a new cinematic rock sound. Their music covers a wide range of dramatic stories.

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Ear Up Gig On - 6 Dec 2020 @虎豹樂圃

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