Cantopop / 2020
Member list:

Multi-instrumental/ Vocal/ Composition - KTsang
Multi-instrumental/ Arrangements/ Vocal Sampling/ Synthesiser Programming/ Sound Design/ Sound Engineering - MAEL
Multi-instrumental/ Arrangements/ Vocal/ Synthesiser Programming/ Sound Engineering - 李端嫻
Lyrics - 欲龍

「再生中」,本地獨立音樂創作單位,由音樂人K Tsang 、 MAEL、李端嫻,及填詞人欲龍四人組成。四位團員在音樂計劃《埋班作樂》中認識,合作過後有感這個組合尚有很多可能性,如是成團,繼續作樂。

The local Indie music production unit Saiseichu is formed by musicians K Tsang, MAEL, Veronica Lee and lyricist Yuk Loong. They first met in the music project ‘Make Music Work’. After their first collaboration, they sensed that there are still many possibilities within this coalition, so they team up and continue to play together.

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Ear Up Gig On - 6 Dec 2020 @虎豹樂圃

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