三丁目 Sam Ding Muk

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Vocal - 關曉蔚

Guitar - 葉穎宗

Bass Guitar - 曾卓權

Drums - 鄭偉杰

三丁目是一隊四人組成的Power Pop樂隊,始於2016的年初寒冬。三丁,是結他手Victor、低音結他手Kuen和鼓手Ken;目,是主音Jamie。


Sam Ding Muk is a Hong Kong power pop band founded in 2016. The band, a line-up of Jamie (Lead Vocal), Ken (Drums), Victor (Guitar) and Kuen (Bass), is devoted to creating rhythmical and energetic music.

Inspired by math and J-rock, Sam Ding Muk combines both styles and insists to compose their songs in their mother tongue, Cantonese. The result is a soulful while subtle shift between reality and fantasyland.

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