SENZA A Cappella

A Cappella
Member list

Soprano - Miri Leung
Alto/ Vocal Percussion - Peace Lo
Tenor/ Vocal Percussion - Calvert Fu
Baritone - Dennis Tsui
Bass - King Lam

SENZA A Cappella (SENZA) 是一隊混聲無伴奏合唱組合,於2018年正式推出第一首原創歌《四分鐘》。「Senza」一字本為意大利文,解作「沒有」,跟組合「沒有伴奏」的風格相符。組合希望在兩年內可以創作更多自己的歌並推出第一張專輯。

SENZA, an Italian word that means ‘without’, aligns with the meaning ‘singing without music instrument accompaniments’. The team regularly uploads rehearsal videos ‘The Backstairs Series’ with over 4 millions click rates, which makes them the a cappella channel with the highest ratings in Hong Kong.

The team debuted with their first original song ‘Four Minutes’ in 2018, and is now expecting to finish their first original album in the coming year.

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

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