帶菌者 Carrier

Pop Rock / 2013


Carrier was formed in 2013, we started our band journey because we all love music! The band is named ‘Carrier’ because we want to use music as a carrier, to deliver message to the audience. In Hong Kong there are many bands who make good music, and we wish to be part of this wonderful culture. Until now more than 30 songs were written and 10 songs were released.

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Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

天堂100%Summer Boy而你我都知道一切回不去了見紅75%無處遊人AddictionThe Climber初 co1Midsommar月夜戀曲落花為何不一了百了安慰劑 Alternative Ver.Crawling in the Dark漂流號About TimeParty GameUntil Next TimeSorrowful迴憶
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