ngaiman 蟻民

Psychedelic, Indie rock, Exotica / 2021
Member list:

Vocal - ET
Riff Guitar + Keyboard + Vocal  - Sean 
Lead Guitar - Ming
Bass - Franco
Drum- Tommy

蟻民於2021年成團,我們認為音樂就是隨著感覺流動的產物。以音樂表達自己當 下的感覺,也許就是我們的宗旨。對我們而言,每首歌曲都是一種界限上的挑戰 ,把音樂當作分子料理,這一切未知的答案都成爲我們的「興奮劑」。蟻民藉著破 格和迷幻的節奏,讓觀衆投入慶典的氣氛當中。

Ngaiman was established in 2020, we believe that music is simply a flow of state. Expressing the emotions at the moment would be the essence of our music. We love playing with musical boundaries while treating the process of making music as molecular gastronomy. Afterall, the strange unknowns become the "stimulant" of our creative journey. While playing with the unconventional and psychedelic rhythm, Ngaiman successfully allows the audience to dive into the spirit of celebration.

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