R&B, Ambient-pop, Indie electronic / 2023

rosemances 由主音兼鍵盤手Roseann和製作人兼結他手及低音結他手Mance組成,二人於2023年組成以前一直以獨立音樂人身分活躍於本地音樂圈。rosemances 組成後迅速推出四首單曲作品,包辦曲詞編監和設計等,音樂以柔和沉浸的電子樂氛圍和夢幻慵懶的節奏呈現出飄浮浪漫的聲音和面貌。

rosemances is an indie pop duo from Hong Kong. Roseann is the lead singer on keyboards with Mance on guitar, bass, and all other instruments. The duo crafts enveloping ambience of atmospheric textures in their music, evoking memories of cherished experiences and attachments such as sunsets, seas, soft pillows, and longings entwined with nostalgia and fantasy.

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