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Vocal - Tammy

Vocal/ Guitar - Tomy

Supporting Bass Guitar - Logout@FreshLife

Supporting Drums - 威倫@Noisy Charlie

音樂組合SUNSET OR RISE於2016年11月成立,由男主音及結他手Tomy Ho及女主音Tammy Kwong組成。

「 SUNSET」和「SUNRISE」兩個本體同一也相對的狀態代表着「一體的世界」裡「各種人生相對的想法」,而我們每一個人經歷的千千萬萬個選擇成就了今日的自己。二人對音樂的熱誠,使他們決心以音樂創作與世界分享他們對人生的想法。音樂風格偏向節奏鮮明的曲風,但不限於某一個特定的類型,演出方式亦不限,希望能在音樂創作及演出上造出不同的可能性。

SUNSET OR RISE was formed in November 2016 by the male lead and guitarist Tomy Ho (who was the Supporting Guitarist in the band SUPPER MOMENT’s concert) and the female lead Tammy Kwong. ‘SUNSET’ and ‘SUNRISE’ are from the same sun but in opposite states representing the ‘relative thoughts of all life’ in ‘One World’ and we all made choices to become today’s self.

These two people are passionate about music and decide to share their thoughts of life with music. Our music is more towards the rhythmic style but not limited to a specific style. We also open to any ways of performance so as to be more expressive as in music.

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Coming Soon...

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